Which Truth do You Want?

by The Half Truths

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released June 10, 2013



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The Half Truths Denton, Texas

Pop-punk from Ft. Worth/Denton, TX that started in November of 2011. Songs driven by booze, shitty times, friends, and everything in between.

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Track Name: Get Your Pull
too late, blacked out.
don't even know what i'm yelling about.
letting in all my deepest fears while pushing away all my closest peers. let's set this machine to self-destruct, my time is running out.
drinking til my body hits the ground.
i'm a lit cigarette and i'm burning down.
these ashes fade with this sound.
you know where i'll be found.
buried six feet underground.
slowly destroying myself
with these empty bottles on the shelf.
slowly destroying myself because there's nothing else.
yeah, yeah, yeah. there's gotta be something else
Track Name: Mistakes
I'm always racing
Against the goddamn clock
My heart is racing
Like it won't stop

We all make mistakes
Can't live in the past
Todays world that you make
won't be your last

The places where you tripped
and where you knew you fell
Well I hope I learn
How to get along
With out putting you through hell

Another week of
Biting my nails off
Sit in the darkness
Think of where I went wrong
Track Name: Beat up Book Club
we drove down the same streets everyday.
the further we go, we see more and more decay.
that's when she said that "this place is tearing us apart.
this ain't no walk in the park."
we can hop in my car. drive somewhere far to recharge.
we can take these country roads, drive on til there's no one we'll know. you, me, and this stereo. this tape playing til we find home.
we can North straight into the horizon.
with the sun set behind us, nothing can drag us down.
when this car slows down, we'll step out to that new city sound
where finally for once we won't be afraid to drown.
no, you're not afraid to drown. through being a ghost in this town.
Track Name: Everything's Grey
I've been to those places
Seen those hopeless faces
Looking for a reason
Why this heart is still beating

Nothing comes for free
Between You and me
Take away what's black and white
Everything's Grey

Is it too late
To turn this back around
Or have we lost our way
All along?
Track Name: Writing on the Walls
Seen the writing on the wall
Says that we're all gonna fail
That we're doomed to fall
Our ship has sailed

But when I look at you
I know that can't be true
Sinking feeling in my bones
We might pull through

Been in a mess like this before
Had me strung out on the floor
Another week or two we'll know
How this will go