Split w/ Special Guest

by The Half Truths



Split Cassette Tape with Special Guest (FTW)
limited to 100 copies

Recorded and Mixed by Michael "Sorry we were so late dude" Briggs at Civil Recording on Dec. 10th.


released January 10, 2013

AJ - guitar/vox
Trainwreck - bass/vox
Matt Jones - drums



all rights reserved


The Half Truths Denton, Texas

Pop-punk from Ft. Worth/Denton, TX that started in November of 2011. Songs driven by booze, shitty times, friends, and everything in between.

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Track Name: You're Gonna Need A Larger Telescope
pitch black room, empty bottle of wine
sitting alone, tears running down the line
another night, another reason to die
the look in your eyes said you had enough
the tone of your face said that you've given up
i'm matching your bet
i'm calling your bluff

spent years searching for hope in the sky
but the stars outside are never bright
left to face this shit all alone
you're already digging your own grave
this coffin has become your new home

in this bar your thoughts are wandering
you're thinking of all the things that went unsaid
the bartender keeps the drinks flowing
the liquor slowing washing all those fears away

getting high off these city lights
where the stars outside are never bright
completely surrounded, never felt so alone
can't find a way to get back to her
can't find a way to get back home

all the things you dread
living like the living dead
now your heart's now made of lead
from coming home to an empty bed
started believing in your own lies
wasting away, not just killing time
maybe you'll get this right next time...
Track Name: One More Drink...
eyes bleeding red, glazed over in this dim room
set to the scene of our broken dreams
another regret has been met.
staring at the ceiling praying for some "change to make a change"
pointing fingers, but there's nothing left to blame
like a vampire robbing a blood bank, i'm taking more than my fill
i'm draining every tank.
washing these sorrows down with what's left in this drink
i'll find my way back stumbling home
when i've got no place left to go
heading for the unknown
watching these sinking sorrows grow

the smell of rotten trash, stale beer and old cigarette ash
i'll suffer by myself as i live amongst these rats
try to put this record on.
against these grooves, the needle always skips.
a trail of empty bottles showing exactly how i slipped
further down into the abyss where i know i surely won't be missed.
wish i could have tasted one last kiss before i walked out the door
you said you couldn't take it anymore after you found me passed out on that floor.
don't know what all this dying is for.
Track Name: Day By Day
i won't let you get too far
so for now would you stay right here
you don't know who you really are
but maybe you'll finally see
how much you're worth
and what you mean to me
just shout away the hurt
let the comfort you couldn't seek
echo out into the stars
find out where you really shine
i know the days/weeks spent with you
were never a waste of time

there are no answers
and thats okay
these things just work out day by day

you're living in the city
you gotta feel so small
with all these black suits
and buildings so tall
but they don't matter
and they never have
they just exist to cling
to an empty meaning
cause you know down in your heart
this life is worth examining