Dark Days demos

by The Half Truths

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(free) 01:15


recorded August 14, 2012 at 1919 Hemphill in Fort Worth, TX
vocals recorded in Austin's Bathroom.

Limited to 100 copies.


released August 22, 2012



all rights reserved


The Half Truths Denton, Texas

Pop-punk from Ft. Worth/Denton, TX that started in November of 2011. Songs driven by booze, shitty times, friends, and everything in between.

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Track Name: Battle of Wills
i'm turning, your standing still
it's coming down to this
a battle of wills
how far are you willing to go
without confusing everything that you know?

insisting on your motives
pointing out the subjects
while i just stand there motionlessly
waiting for me to put the puzzle pieces together
but it escapes me

i'm coming around again
i don't know if it's true
but all my rules will bend to fit you
i'm jumping off the train
i don't know if it's sane
have to let all these memories die
Track Name: Sunshine's Most Requested #1
can't sleep when you can't afford to fucking eat
how can they expect you to survive like this for another two fucking weeks?
when will this be over?
where the fuck did it go wrong?
all i've got is shitty guitar and a notebook of unfinished songs

i heard it in my head over and again
"all of this could be different, if you kept your lazyass from sinking further into this bed"
we can ride down Division
head to where the Sun always Shines
searching these empty, cloudy glasses
for a simple peace of mind

i know where i can find it
this jukebox is playing that answer loud
we once said we hit rock bottom
now we're hoovering above the clouds
singing that answer loud

tonight we could reach the sky and i know everything will be alright.
Track Name: "No More Fun!"
as this curtain comes to the close
it's about time that we start leaving
you were the first to give it up
the first to stop believing

left uncorked and watered down
your dreams have become another dirty mess in this town
nothing left except this sound
let's pour another one and drink it down before we drown

the captain's called the course
our ship is truly sinking
but that band never gave it up
that band never stopped believing

that's just the way that it always is
just like the way that it always ends...
Track Name: Dark Days (originally by The Others)
i sat and i watched another day go by
everything just fades away into the past
moments like this between you and i
you know they never last

but we hang onto some tired sort of rhetoric
that we built when our whole lives
were based on politics

cant help but focus on where i went wrong
wasting all out time
drinking and smoking and singing along
ignoring all the signs

and i want to remember you like this
always, forever
cuz dark days are upon us
around the corner

and when this all comes crashing down
i hope you dont mind me being around
Track Name: One More Drink and I'm going to Piss Myself
eyes bleeding red, glazed over in this dim room
set to the scene of our broken dreams
another regret has been met.
staring at the ceiling praying for some "change to make a change"
pointing fingers, but there's nothing left to blame
like a vampire robbing a blood bank, i'm taking more than my fill
i'm draining every tank.
washing these sorrows down with what's left in this drink
i'll find my way back stumbling home
when i've got no place left to go
heading for the unknown
watching these sinking sorrows grow

the smell of rotten trash, stale beer and old cigarette ash
i'll suffer by myself as i live amongst these rats
try to put this record on.
against these grooves, the needle always skips.
a trail of empty bottles showing exactly how i slipped
further down into the abyss where i know i surely won't be missed.
wish i could have tasted one last kiss before i walked out the door
you said you couldn't take it anymore after you found me passed out on that floor.
don't know what all this dying is for.